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Top 5 Travel Mistakes in Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is on the itinerary of about almost every traveller that is coming to Switzerland. However, there are some common travel mistakes that many do and today I am going to show you these mistakes, so you will know and have the best experience possible!

Mistake 1: Not going on a lake cruise

Tourists come to Interlaken to see the mountains and snow. Therefore only a few know about the beauty of the two lakes Interlaken is nestled in between. These two lake, Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, stand out because of their magic turquoise color. They get their color from melting water of the glaciers close-by.

The cruises take about 2 hours and in this time you will share a truly unique time with fellow passengers. Ships depart regularly in summer on both lakes, or on a limited schedule in winter on Lake Thun.

Summer cruise on Lake Brienz with cruise ship on turquoise water
Summer cruise on Lake Brienz

Winter cruise on Lake Thun with snowy mountains
Winter cruise on Lake Thun


Mistake 2: Not visiting Brienz

Many tourists only focus on Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald and Jungfrau. While this is great, they miss out on the lake town called Brienz, which can be comfortably accessed by the lake cruise mentioned before. Brienz looks just like you expect it to with chalet style houses. Also it is not crowded at all as it still is an insider tip to visit!

Brienz from above by drone
Brienz from above

Road in Brienz with chalet houses and very few visitors
Road in Brienz


Mistake 3: Expecting Interlaken to be authentic

You come to the Bernese Oberland, the region where Interlaken is located, and you expect Switzerland cliches! A lot of Interlaken has been built to suit tourism. This makes Interlaken a great place, but unfortunately it is not as authentic as all of the surrounding area!

The city of Interlaken seen from Harder Kulm. Panoramic shot of Interlaken with two lakes.
The City of Interlaken seen from Harder Kulm


Mistake 4: Spending too much time in Interlaken

Now, if you want to see the authentic Switzerland, I recommend you use Interlaken as your hub, where you stay and exchange with other travelers, but you spend the day outside in the villages, mountains or lakes! Like this you get the full Swiss experience!

View from Interlaken to the valley that leads to Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen
This is where you want to go: Valley towards Jungfrau


Mistake 5: Not using the insider road from Lucerne to access Interlaken

Switzerland is full of mountains. Although this is a pretty fact, it poses difficulties when it comes to road planning. Back in the days, a lot of roads led over the mountains making passages long and cumbersome. Today, a lot of tunnels have been built and the trip durations have become much shorter, the comfort increased. The downside today is that you often see black tunnel walls whereas you could see the best panorama of your life! And this is not exactly what you want after having paid a lot of money to come to Switzerland. This is why I recommend that you, provided you are traveling by car, use the old roads that lead through scenic landscapes. Normally, you can just avoid toll roads when setting up your navigation system, but on the road from Lucerne to Interlaken, this does not change your routing. For this reason, you can watch the following video to learn how to get the scenic drive from Lucerne to Interlaken!


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