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3 Ways to Save Money on your Switzerland Trip

Switzerland is expensive. This is both a cliche and the reality. It costs a lot to live here and guess what, it costs even more as a traveller! What if I told you that there are 3 super easy ways to save money on your trip to Switzerland with which you don't need to compromise and you won't miss out on anything?

Choose the right airport (#1 way to save money in Switzerland)

Switzerland has 3 main airports that you can fly into. They are located in Zurich, Basel and Geneva. Depending on where you are from or where you want to go to in Switzerland truly matters. Why? Trains are super expensive in Switzerland. A roundtrip train ticket from Zurich to Geneva will cost you CHF 200 (almost USD 200). In order not to lose money on either train tickets or air fare, you need to know the following about airports in Switzerland:

Map of Switzerland with main airports


Zurich Airport: Main airport, you will most likely fly into this airport when you book a flight to Switzerland. Airlines: Swiss, American Carriers, Emirates, Asian Carriers.

Geneva Airport: Some routes in Europe only very few international routes. Airlines: Easyjet, Swiss, Gulf Carriers.

Basel: Budget routes in Europe. Airlines: Budget Airlines, no Swiss.


Zurich Airport: Sometimes expensive.

Geneva Airport: Cheaper, especially when connecting through Zurich.

Basel: Cheapest, but only European routes.

Avoid taxis

In Switzerland anything that involves human labor costs money. So in order to save money, try to avoid that. There are some cases for you as a traveller when you have humans directly working for you.

Taxis are super expensive in Switzerland and only rarely used by locals. Because the demand is low, the prices rise even more. So it happens that a taxi ride from Zurich airport to the city center can costs somewhere between CHF 60 and CHF 100. A train ticket will be CHF 7.

Skip the hotel breakfast

This falls in the same category as taxis. Hotel breakfasts are very labor intensive and therefore expensive. Usually you pay between CHF 20-30, whereas you could simply go to a bakery and have a delicious breakfast among locals for much less money!

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