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The Ultimate Packing List for Switzerland

What do you need to pack for Switzerland? A trip to Switzerland seems overwhelming because if you want to experience your trip to the fullest, you may need to have a lot on your packing list for Switzerland. But I am here to tell you that you can easily relax because you don't need to pack all that much!

Your packing list for Switzerland:

Basic Travel Items

Switzerland Travel Items

Items you don't need to pack

Insider Tip

Bring polarized sunglasses to enjoy the visual beauty of Switzerland even more and thank me later!

The Switzerland Travel Packing FAQ

What clothes do travelers need in Switzerland?

The Swiss generally like to dress in layers, as the weather and temperature may change throughout the day. In Switzerland there are four seasons throughout the year with summer being around July.

Can travelers buy SIM Cards in Switzerland?

Travelers can get prepaid SIM cards, but they need to register with their name, so they should bring a passport to the shop. Also, please note that the Swiss SIM Card is practically useless when you keep on traveling in Europe. If you travel Europe, better get a European SIM Card and use their roaming option in Switzerland. The most popular phone carriers in Switzerland are Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt.

Is there public WiFi in Switzerland?

It depends on the destination, but there can be public WiFi. If there isn't, you can always use WiFi at hotels, restaurants, train-stations, airports and more. Note that the WiFi isn't always free.

Do you need an international driver's license for Switzerland?

It depends on where you are from and it has to do with what kind of layout/ language your driver's license has. Generally, if your driver's license is in the Roman alphabet, you should be fine.

Do you need to bring a power adapter to Switzerland?

Switzerland has got Type J plug and runs on 230V/50Hz. So you may need an adapter. If you forget your adapter, you can buy one at department stores. Some hotels also provide adapters. If you only need to charge your phone underway, you can rent out power banks from a newsagent.

Do travelers need to bring Swiss Francs to Switzerland?

The Swiss Franc in the official currency in Switzerland. You can withdraw Swiss Francs here from an ATM.

Can you fly a drone in Switzerland?

Yes you can, but you need to consider no-fly zones (e.g. close to airports and nature reserves), your drone size, FPV regulations, height ceilings, insurance and much more. So we recommend you do some research in this ever-changing field.

Should I bring a suitcase or a backpack to Switzerland?

If you travel a lot on public transportation in Switzerland, then maybe a backpack is easier for you, but it does not really matter.

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