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Iseltwald: How to visit Switzerland's most beautiful village!

Nestled on the serene shores of Lake Brienz, in the heart of Switzerland, lies a picturesque village that seems straight out of a fairytale - Iseltwald. This charming Swiss gem has garnered worldwide recognition for its breathtaking beauty and traditional alpine charm. Known for its colorful chalets, emerald lake waters and spectacular mountain scenery, Iseltwald has captivated the hearts of visitors and locals alike. For these reasons, Iseltwald was chosen to be featured in the popular Netflix series, "Crash Landing on You". Now it's time for you to find out how to visit Iseltwald, Switzerland's most beautiful village!

View of the beautiful peninsula of Iseltwald with Swiss Alps in the background.
Iseltwald is the most beautiful Swiss village.

What to do in Iseltwald?

The village's main highlight is its stunning lakeside location on Lake Brienz, where visitors can enjoy scenic walks along the promenade and go explore the numerous Swiss chalets that are located in a network of narrow alleys. In Iseltwald, the residents take special care on decorating their chalets with much love and care, so keep your camera ready!

Since Iseltwald has been featured in the Netflix series "Crash Landing on You", the dock where one scene was played has become a popular photo spot for visitors. Recently, the village installed a turnstile to access the dock and it costs now CHF 5 per person to access it.

If you have planned to stay for bit longer you can also rent out water sports gear like kayaks, paddle-boards or small boats.

How long to visit Iseltwald for?

Most visitors to Iseltwald only stay for about 2 hours. This includes exploring the village for about 1 hour and enjoying the setting for another. This means that your trip to Iseltwald can easily be part of a day trip that has the destinations Brienz, Brienzer Rothorn mountain or Giessbach Falls in it. In summer there is a lake cruise on Lake Brienz that also halts at Iseltwald a couple of times a day.

While most visitors to Iseltwald only visit the village for a short time, you may also make it it the home base for your time in the Jungfrau region.

Where is Iseltwald?

Iseltwald enjoys a truly captivating location in the heart of Switzerland in the Berner Oberland region super close to the popular Swiss town Interlaken. Situated on the eastern shores of Lake Brienz, this charming village is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. The emerald waters of the lake provide a special setting serene and combined with the majestic peaks of the Bernese Alps, Iseltwald is true fairytale village. Iseltwald is also very close to other attractions such as Giessbach Falls, Brienz and its Brienzer Rothorn mountain as well as Interlaken and across the lake from another spectacular Swiss village called Oberried am Brienzersee.

Map of Iseltwald Location in Lake Brienz Region

How to get to Iseltwald?

Here are all the different ways to get to Iseltwald:

  • By car it is about 15-20 minute drive from either Interlaken or Brienz. You must park your car outside the village and take a 10-minute walk downhill.

  • By post bus (Postauto) from Interlaken Ost, runs once an hour.

  • By lake cruise on Lake Brienz from Brienz or Interlaken (summer only).

  • There is no train connection to Iseltwald.

Insider tip

If you visit in summer, we highly recommend you visit it by lake cruise and combine it with the Giessbach Falls and Brienz on a day trip! Although Iseltwald is more of a summer destination, it is also worth a visit in winter!


Iseltwald carries a legacy that stretches back centuries. The village's origins can be traced to the medieval era, when it served as a local hub for fishing and agriculture. Over the years, Iseltwald's strategic location on Lake Brienz made it an important trading post, connecting the surrounding regions and fostering economic growth. Throughout its history, Iseltwald has retained its traditional architectural style, with the iconic Swiss chalets and timber houses reflecting its rich heritage.

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