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How to use a Gas Station in Switzerland?

When you drive in Switzerland, eventually you will need gas. Filling up your car or rental car at a gas station in Switzerland can be tricky, but it's easy if you know your petrol. Although Switzerland is a small country, and you might think you won't have to fill up, you most probably will.

Car in Switzerland

These are the most common fuel types in Switzerland:

  • Unleaded, the pump is dark green: ROZ 95 (Unleaded 95) = Bleifrei 95, Sans Plomb 95, Senza Piombo 95

  • Unleaded with higher octane, the pump is light green: ROZ 98 (Unleaded 98) = Bleifrei 98, Super Plus, Sans Plomb 98, Senza Piombo 98

  • Diesel pumps are black.

Most rental cars do have a sticker above the tank indicating the right type of fuel.

Pumping fuel with a self service machine:

Either you put in a bank note and use the pump until the banknotes' value is used up, or you put in a credit card where the machine will authorise enough credit for you to fill up. This all happens before you use the pump. When you're done you put the hose back where you took it from and you will hear that pump shutting off.

Pumping fuel at a gas station with a shop:

You fill up your car at the pump and pay later at the shop.

Insider Tip

Gas stations in less populated areas and off highways are often cheaper!

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